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About Us

Auto Zone – Automobile Trading Company
General Dealer of the French Automobile maker Peugeot

Our main mission is to provide superior service to our customers for the success of Peugeot cars in the long term.

The company was established in 2008 and based in Palestine / Ramallah. Since then, we have been the only official dealer for the worldwide Peugeot Co.

A lot of efforts are made by Auto-Zone to provide the best quality of service that follow the process of a car sale; this comes for the purpose of strengthening its position in the automotive market in the Palestinian territories.

We have equipped the service center with the most sophisticated and modern equipment in order to provide the best maintenance services for all Peugeot cars, and take the measures are necessary and appropriate steps to resolve all the problems and the highest standards in an efficient manner.

Peugeot is one of the first companies that introduced the emergency service on the road Peugeot assistance to its customers, leading to reassure owners of Peugeot cars in the Palestinian territories.
The Company offers Peugeot customers very competitive prices with any purchase of Peugeot cars, which covers parts, brakes, oil change, filters and various other services.
In order to strengthen the after-sales service, the staff of Peugeot service center advises customers to visit the center periodically for inspection and maintenance of their car.

We offer reliable services and we ensure that the necessary procedures to maintain the safety and security of customers and their cars as well comes from the Peugeot service center staff who are on a high level of qualification; they are the best option for customers with car care and protection.

High level of confidence given by the company's products to its customers, we have initiated the extended warranty program for two years duration for Peugeot used vehicles of Model Year 2007 and above. This warranty covers the engine and gearbox and many other mechanical parts in the car after it is registered and checked in our service center.

Auto-Zone is working hard to find and create a community for Peugeot owners by launching the idea of Peugeot club, where subscribers receive discounts on the maintenance costs, in addition to discounts in many shopping centers. Thus, the participation in this club allows the owner of the Peugeot car to take advantage of these discounts and maintain communication with all the owners to create a working environment and social relations with all members.

The objective of the training center in the center of maintenance is to ensure that all technicians continuously trained by world class specialists, in order to keep them abreast of the latest reached from technology used in the maintenance of Peugeot cars.