The Musical Experience

With Peugeot Music, the brand with the lion symbol uses emotion and a shared musical experience to attract customers. This unique musical programme offers everyone the chance to enjoy a website dedicated to local and international artists, selected by Peugeot, via any computer, tablet or smartphone. Users can also enjoy a Web radio station with more than 200 titles classified by category and broadcasted without advertising.

Peugeot Music Artists

Peugeot Music is an illustration of the brand's identity with its selection of internationally renowned artists, together with talented new discoveries. In 2010, the new "Motion & Emotion" signature confirmed the importance of this field of expression, which is particularly evident in its television advertising campaigns. Peugeot has taken an additional step in this direction with the aim of translating its values into music. The automotive designer, like performance artists, lays claim to a certain number of values, inspirations and objectives that reflect their identity and personality. In the same way that a new vehicle is the physical expression of brand values, new music is the result of a personal translation of values and ideas. Thus, through its selection of artists, Peugeot Music expresses the brand's DNA.